ABOUT Corbett The Baagh

At Corbett The Baagh Spa & Resort, we leave no stone unturned (pun unintended) to give you the most memorable experience of the jungle. Yet ever respectful of Nature and our surroundings, we also don’t turn stones simply to entertain our guests.

A deep respect for the jungle is always maintained at The Baagh. You will be drawn deeper into the mysteries of the jungle but without losing out on the luxuries of the resort. Here, you will feel one with the spirit of your surroundings.

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Our Accomodation

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Offering a stunning, undisrupted view of the majestic mountains...

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Corbett The Baagh Spa & Resort

Our definition of luxury is simplicity, convenience and comfort. The Baagh Resort will turn your vacation into an unhurried journey into the unexplored; and at times present an opportunity to have your senses stirred, shaken and asking for more. Tucked away in the quietude of Uttarakhand State, known for the maddening variety of its flora and fauna, it’s one of the few surviving habitats of the Royal Bengal Tigers. Some days, you’d feel like doing nothing but be led by your primal instinct to go in search of the sprightly spirits --- the flutter of a bird’s wings in a tree, a doe’s shy step in the bushes or a crouching cobra’s deadly hiss --- landing right up to the Dhikala edge. On other days, you may want to linger by the river and dip your feet in the cold, clean waters of Ramganga Reservoir, while you silently watch the ball of gold come down in the distant horizon.

On other occasions you may want to immerse yourself in the cultural cauldron of the region, caught in the unique architecture of The Baagh Resort, where we have been extremely cautious in blending the traditional with the modern. Stone walls, wooden floors, terraces and gardens run to meet the stunning backdrop of wide open blue skies and the lush green mountains making up for a sensual setting that is bound to take your breath away!!!

Corbett The Baagh Spa & Resort is situated at corbett city ramnagar District-Nanital uttarakhand. Hotel Corbett The Baagh is best budget luxury hotels in jim corbett with best services. One of the finest and the most luxury spa resort in jim corbett. The Jim Corbett National Park is proximity of 1600 sqr kilometer and offers several zones of tourism. One of India's most beautiful wildlife areas has a tiger population of around 160, which makes this park as the last and the most important bastion of this endangered species.

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Best Time and Place to Visit Corbett

The best time and place to visit Ramnagar would be in the cooler months of September to February. The summer months are not too bad either, if you can bear the hot weather that is common during that time. However, you should completely miss the monsoon months for visiting Ramnagar. Not only do the granite formations become greasy because of rain, the place is infested with all sorts of insects and leeches during that time.



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