Best things to do in Jim Corbett

Just like a lady of bewitching looks and captivating manners, the mere mention of the name Jim Corbett evokes a feeling of thrill and excitement. Engulfed by a sheet of lush greenery with the majestic mountains overlooking as its secret admirer, this enigmatic haven of innumerable flora, fauna, and avian visitors attracts countless visitors all through the year. There are a variety of things to do in Jim Corbett for a wanderlust. Starting from jungle safaris to seeking blessings in divine places, it has a lot to offer. Below are the 10 best things to do in Jim Corbett.

Things to do in Jim Corbett

1. Jungle safari

Jim Corbett shelters some of the most exquisite flora and fauna apart from the majestic tiger. It also attracts a bevy of migratory birds from the nearby Bharatpur Bird Sanctuary. Animals are not confined to cages but roam free just like in their natural habitat. Jungle safaris, jeep safaris, and canter safaris provide the opportunity for the visitors to regale and explore the natural habitat of the animals. The thrill of sighting wild cats and other wild animals in an open jeep is sure to send one in a tizzy.

2. Sitabani Temple

Located around 20 km from Ramnagar in the Sitavani Jungles of the Jim Corbett National Park is a pious temple named Sitabani Temple which is of significant importance in Hindu mythology. Dedicated to Goddess Sita, the wife of Lord Ram, this temple is visited by countless devotees. The tranquil aura of the temple brings a sense of calmness.

3. Durga Mandir

Dedicated to Goddess Durga, this temple is famous for its distinct architecture of Hindu Gods and Goddesses. Chancing upon this ancient temple in the dense forests of the national park is quite a feeling.

4. Corbett Museum

The Corbett Museum located at Kaladhungi at a distance of 3 km away from the main townhouses the personal belongings of the great hunter and conversationalist which is a heritage bungalow. It provides a sneak-peek into his greatest achievements.

5. Corbett Waterfall

The small trek is worth the effort in visiting the cascading crystal water of the Corbett Waterfall which is located in the middle of the forest engulfed by greenery and tall trees. Falling from an amazing height, it attracts tourists in hordes.

6. River rafting

This adrenaline-gushing sport attracts adventurous aficionados from far and wide. The waters of the Kosi river are a hotbed for this thrilling activity. Guided rafting tours are available to provide a safe and amazing adventure.

7. Trekking

The deciduous forests of Jim Corbett offer mesmerizing trekking trails. Trekking through the rivulets and timbered forests while filling the lungs with the mountain crisp air is a refreshing activity. It also offers amazing views of the mountains and the lush greenery.

8. Fishing expeditions

The gushing water of the Kosi river is home to a variety of trout and fishes. Fishing is an amazing pastime for the visitors while enjoying the pristine beauty of nature.

9. Cycling

The joy of cycling at the picturesque terrains of Jim Corbett brings back memories of childhood. Enjoying the lush greenery while traversing the small alleys is quite a refreshing activity that visitors undertake.

10. Gyan Yatra

It is a knowledge enhancing program initiated to make visitors aware of the national park and its inhabitants. Nature walks and tours provide insightful information to the guests.

Jim Corbett is not only about encountering majestic tigers but also involving in many soul-searching activities. A visit to Jim Corbett is guaranteed to invoke a sense of contentment and joy bound to mesmerize for another visit.