Resorts near Jim Corbett

Far away from the din of the mechanical life at Ram Nagar in the picturesque state of Uttarakhand is a serene paradise for nature lovers called Jim Corbett National Park. Nature abounds in its pristine glory at this famous national park which is a haven for a wide variety of flora and fauna including the gorgeous tiger. Every year, thousands of ardent nature lovers throng this national park to witness nature from close quarters which bears testimony to the co-existence of various life forms cohabiting at a single space. Named after the great environmentalist and hunter who is famous for hunting down many man-eating tigers and leopards at his time, Edward James Corbett aka Jim Corbett, it is spread across a wide expanse of 520 sq km. An itinerary of 2 – 4 days is required to fully explore the five zones inside the national park namely Bijrani, Dhikala, Jhirna, Dhela, and Durga Devi.

Resorts near jim corbett

There are plenty of resorts near Jim Corbett for travelers to choose from, each of which promises an idyllic holiday loaded with tons of comfort and pleasure. The basis on one’s unique choice, one can choose a resort with a swimming pool and alfresco dining, a quiet resort with the gurgling water of the Kosi River passing by, or a resort with wide green spaces fit for destination weddings. Each of these resorts vies with each other in providing the ultimate satisfying experience to its guests in terms of comfort, food, and hospitality. These resorts serve the delicious Kumaoni cuisine of the region which is famous for its exotic taste and ingredients and also a wide variety of mouth-watering Indian and continental dishes. Taking advantage of its proximity to the famed national park, these resorts organize thrilling Jim Corbett Safari for its guests that provide an opportunity to observe nature from close quarters. The adrenaline rush of a chance sighting of a tiger in its true glory is sure to send one into a tizzy. Many of these resorts also have an in-house spa which provides a soothing experience to a tired body after a flurry of daily activities in the national park. They organize many interesting activities like indoor and outdoor games for guests of all ages so that they have one of the most memorable stays.

Off late, these resorts have also become the preferred ground for destination weddings. Solemnizing one’s special day amidst the near and dear ones at this mesmerizing natural abode of green forests, crisp mountain air, and sight of faraway mountains, is one of the most exotic trends. These resorts have their in-house wedding planners who take care of all the pre-wedding and post-wedding ceremonies like Haldi, Sangeet, etc to provide an unforgettable experience to the hosts and the guests. They also organize themed weddings like fairy tale wedding, Rajasthani wedding, Royal wedding, etc that is very much vogue. Each of these resorts makes arrangements for its guests for local sightseeing to places like Corbett waterfall which is a mesmerizing sight of cascading crystal water falling from an amazing height in the middle of the jungle, Girija Mata Mandir that sits atop a hillock overlooking the rippling waters of the Kosi river which is dedicated to Goddess Durga, a peep into the life and work of the conservationist Jim Corbett at Jim Corbett Museum, amazing nature trails, and trekking through the wilderness of the verdant forests that abound around Jim Corbett, etc.

Corbett, the Baagh resort which is situated at Ram Nagar is one such resort that promises an amazing stay to its guests. Spread over a sprawling campus of greenery offering an amazing view of the undulating far away mountains and the passing Kosi river, it is a preferred destination for travelers while at Jim Corbett. With an amazing spa, manicured lawn, refreshing swimming pool, a poolside open restaurant, cozy rooms, large banquet halls, and conference rooms, it is fully equipped to cater to all the whims and fancies of its guests of all ages.

With so many amazing resorts near Jim Corbett, a visit to this amazing natural ecosystem in the wild is bound to bring back beautiful and comfortable memories.