Indian Weddings are more than an occasion, it’s a festival for the whole family. Two souls tieing knots and taking vows to be together for the rest of their lives, it’s quite a beautiful scene. But when it comes to arrangements, we Indians always make it BIG. The big fat Indian weddings are very well known in the world. But ‘WE’ only know that ‘The Big Fat’ is actually quite a common scene in the country. A Big budgeted, peeps clustered and ‘not so easily oriented’ is what our weddings are like. Ain’t it?

Destination wedding at Corbett the baagh

What if we tell you that you can get all of this and a Movie-Like wedding experience with a scenic view, nature whistles. A perfect place for two special souls becoming one. If you have ever cherished a destination wedding, then the wedding at Corbett the baagh will give you a natural elation of an under the sky venue, consolidated with the magnificence of a wedding, to make striking remembrances for you and your guests.
umm, you must be thinking ‘This will be quite an expensive chore’ but hold on, we got your back. We at Corbett the baagh know that marriages are made in heaven, we just set the scene right.

Everyone dreams of a wedding set amidst the lush green mountain with the scene of setting sun in the backdrop while you take your vows in the mandap. The long walk of groom and bride under the blue sky with the music of the nature singing the tunes of love songs. Every moment you’ll live would be memorable when you’ll are at Corbett the baagh. You’ll live your dream destination wedding at Corbett the baagh.

Everything you need for everyone. The perfect serenity for a memorable wedding, alluring beauty for a perfect photography, the food and services you’ll love to enjoy. The contrast between the lush greenery and the azure sky of Jim Corbett makes the perfect backdrop for your dream wedding. The biodiversity of flora and fauna is not only a delightful treat for the nature lovers. It also promises beautiful wedding photographs.

We are ready to host this festival and make it the moment of for your lifetime.
Corbett the baagh offers numerous rooms in different categories which are exquisite in design. The interiors are a delight of natural luxury & style. All rooms are equipped with modern amenities. Starting from Bride-Grooms parties till the Bidaai, we have different themes and a plethora of arrangements to make it a wedding to remember. So, Come and Experience what’s made in heaven is set in Corbett the baagh.