Diwali Package in Jim Corbett National Park

1. 6 Hours, Corbett + 30 Minutes Ex-Delhi

If you’re someone who loves road trips, then this one is definitely for you! The 6-hour long drive is so beautiful and peaceful that you won’t be tired and will easily reach with full energy intact. On your way to the resort, you’ll also find small shops serving delicious MomosMaggi and of course Chai!

2. Journey

You can either rent an open jeep (arranged by us) or drive in your own car! The journey from Ramnagar to the Resort is a 24km Stretch in the Sitabani Forest Zone which is nothing less than a Safari! The one-hour drive through the forest is an experience that shouldn’t be missed. The silent forest is home to the Royal Bengal Tiger and many other Wild Animals, that can be spotted easily during the drive.

3. Mild – Chilly – Sunny, Multiple Weather Pattern

Surrounded by numerous trees and greenery, the level of oxygen here is very high. You can finally take a deep breath and not get chocked by the Toxic air. The weather is pleasant during the day, neither too hot nor too cold and a little chilly during the night, perfect for a bonfire session. October – March is usually the best time to visit Jim Corbett.

4. Away from City life

City life is hard and a little too over-crowded. Once in a while, everyone wants to get-away from the crowded city to a secluded place. Away from their 9-5 jobs, traffic and noise pollution to a place that’s calm and relaxing. One can also indulge themselves in photography, go a little deep into the life of the villagers, experience agriculture farming with them and Lastly, have the best Nukkad Ki Chai after all the wandering.

5. Play Together – Holiday Together

Not only kids, we have games that everyone in the family can enjoy. We won’t let any of the guest get bored. We have separate kids play area, Swimming pool for kids and adults, games like Chess, Carrom Board, Table Tennis, Tambola, Badminton, Cricket, Volleyball and more. Apart from this we have special live music every day and a lot more.

6. Kids Walk

Kids are least interested in walking, but we have educational and enjoyable ways to make nature walks interesting for your kids.

The best tip for nature walks with kids is to allow them lots of time to explore and discover new things. Carry a playdough and teach them about different textures and imprints. Let them explore the 5 senses, teach them more about nature and cleanliness, make them aware about the different leaves and a lot more.

7. The Perfect, Beautiful Mountains

Green Hikers – an initiative by WWF India (world wide fund for nature) to encourage the Tourists and the Tour operators in the Himalayan region to go for responsible and sustainable tourism. WWF aims at reducing the baggage of tourism while inviting tourists to enjoy the Himalayas in its purest form. We have the mighty Shivalik hills adjacent to the resort ready for your beautiful pictures, the best background for you can have this Diwali.

8. Celebrate Diwali with The Locals

There are people who don’t get to see their families during the festivals, there are people who are still working on the day of Diwali. This time, take this chance and celebrate Diwali with them. It will not only make them happy but will also make you feel good.

9. Celebrate Diwali Differently

Every household, every city, every state has their own unique way of celebrating a festival. Witness the different cultures and their practices this Diwali. Move on from your traditional way of celebrating and celebrate it with us, in our style this time.

10. Make their Diwali Special

We often tend to do our Diwali shopping from high-end stores, buy expensive gifts and over-priced Rangoli colours. This time, make a change and instead of buying the candles, colours, Diya’s and flower from the high-end stores, buy it from the locals. This Diwali, give them a reason to celebrate, so that they can also have a Happy Diwali!

11. Long Weekend

This year, the Diwali Week is a long weekend and one can easily enjoy the festival without worrying about their leaves. Make a change in your day-to-day life and take out time for yourself and leave the rest to us!

12. Luxury at Its Best

We at Corbett the Baagh provide our guests with the best of everything. All our rooms are spacious with king sized beds and modern amenities. Our basic category room that can accommodate 2-3 guests. The family suite can easily accommodate 6 – 7 guests. We also have luxurious Spa Treatments and Special Candle Light dinner arrangements on Demand.

13. Enjoy the special Kumauni delicacies

Move over from your daily food habits and try out the Special Kumauni dishes at our Multicuisine restaurant – Nivala. One should always experiment with food and out try out different cuisines as well.

Your life may not be perfect, but your vacation can be. If you are looking forward to a great relaxing weekend but don’t want to head too far away from the city, this can be a great weekend getaway for you and your familyशुभ दीपावली |