Fresh Air at Jim Corbett

We humans were born in the real jungles and moved to the jungles of concrete, the city. Our bodies might stay in the city but our souls yearn for the trees, mountains and rivers that’s why we feel so happy whenever we are in lap of the nature. Let’s go back to the real home, the jungle.

Have you the felt the smell of the woods, the air passing through long lushy green grass, cold natural morning breeze on the balcony of the resort in the heart of Jim Corbett. Corbett the Bagh, a Resort that offers enigmatic view and charismatic experience while living in the midst of the jungle. Get in the good rhythm when you hear the chirping birds, breath fresh pollution-free air and the mesmerizing sight of all things green. You feel your true self when you feel oneness with the jungle. Amid the hustle and bustle of the fast-paced city life, each one of us fails to establish a connection with nature and this result in critical lifestyle diseases.

This lifestyle disease has affected almost all of us, as most of our lives run between clocking-in and clocking-out at the office. Life has become quite fast like our eating habits and sleeping habits. We eat the junk which was not made for us, and most of the millennials are sleep deprived because of the corporate culture spreading like a virus in the young. Well, if you think yes we are on the same page and this might be your lifes story, you don’t have to give it a second thought and you should take a break from this hectic schedule to visit the land of freshness and wild. I can already hear the jungle calling, corbett the bagh has all the amenities to cure your city lifestyle disease, we bet.

We are located in the heart of the corbett, where you can truly enjoy the changing weather and breathe in the air that’ll soothe your soul. You should try a morning walk in the foggy light with sun rising from the tip of the high mountains. You can sit around the river or drink minerals from the waterfall to rejuvenate your senses. God has gifted us a lot we only need to stretch our hands and grab it. Corbett the bagh gives you this opportunity to relive the real you.

You can plan a getaway with family, friends, colleagues or make it solo. We are always there at your service with our finest delicacies and on-toes service team. Corbett the Bagh is the most popular and luxurious resort in Ramnagar, wherein we host corporate parties, destination wedding, pool parties, private events and a lot. While you enjoy the jungle we take care of you with everything you need. So loosen up and find a new you every time you step in. We have a belief that you’d return again with a smile and a longer trip. Bon voyage.