visiting Jim Corbett in winters

Winters months in India can be dull, unending, and boring. If you’re planning to escape the stillness of the winter to indulge in some adventure, Jim Corbett National Park would be the perfect escape for you. 

This amazing national park has a lot to offer to tourists. It is an exotic location in the hills of Nainital, Uttrakhand, spread over a sprawling distance of 520 kilometers. People from all around the world come here for ecotourism and to witness the magic of its wild forests.

Jim Corbett is home to a diverse range of flora and fauna. The 73% forest area of the park has about 488 different species of plants and 110 species of trees. As for the fauna, there are about 580 birds, 50 mammals, and 25 reptile species to spot in the wildlife sanctuary. A prominent attraction in the park is the great Bengal tiger. 

Although the historic park is open for tourism all around the year, the best time to visit Jim Corbett is during the winters. But what makes winters in Corbett so special? 

Why Visit Jim Corbett in Winter? 

Winters are a generally better time to go on a relaxing vacation with friends and family. The best time to visit Corbett is from October to February and here are the reasons why - 

1.    Pleasant Weather

The weather is pleasant during winters in the part in Uttrakhand where Jim Corbett is located. During this time, the average temperature here ranges from 30 degrees Celsius in the day to 5 degrees Celsius at the night. You’ll better enjoy your walks, hikes, and safaris in Corbett in such a temperate climate. 

You will also find it worth it to visit Corbett at a time when the weather there is neither too hot nor too chilly. You can also go at a time when you’ll be sweating your face off because of the heat or freezing yourself because of the cold. The choice is quite simply yours. 

2.    Wonders of the Forest

You’ll get to see a lot of wonderful seasonal flora and fauna during winters in Jim Corbett. The wonders of the forest are full at work here during this season. If you’re lucky and dedicated enough, you will be spotting a lot of migratory birds who come to reside here only during the winter months. 

3.    Adventures Activities

This one will excite all the adventure freaks. There is a range of adventure activities (besides roaming in a jungle) that you can do in Jim Corbett, ranging from trekking and mountain biking to extreme sports like river rafting, etc. We suggest planning a detailed itinerary with a professional to make you don’t miss out on the best ones. 

The most popular adventure activities that people do in Corbett are

●    Trekking - You can trek in the Sitabani, and other forest reserves to discover stunning scenic places and lush wildlife. 
●    Mountain Biking - Mountain biking is an activity that can give you a lot of thrill. Exploring locations in Corbett on your own on a bike (or with friends) will certainly give you some experience to remember. 
●    Rock Climbing - Corbett is in a hilly, rocky area. You’ll have plenty of rocks to climb if that’s something you always wanted to experience. 
●    River Crossing - Learn to cross rivers on thin (but reliable) cables. You will have to keep your balance as you glide across the swift river.  
●    River Rafting - Experience true adventure by river rafting in glorious rivers here. Always do such adventure sports with professionals only. 
●    Fishing - Fish in local lakes and water bodies with your friends and family. You can even cook the fish you catch later to have a delightful meal at the end of the day. 

4.    Close to the Nature

Get a chance to get as up, close, and personal with nature as possible with Jeep Safari and Animal Safari trips at Jim Corbett! Corbett has multiple safari zones, many of which open only during the winter months. The safari zones include -

●    Bijrani Safari Zone
●    Jhirna Safari Zone
●    Dhela Safari Zone
●    Dhikala Safari Zone
●    Durga Devi Zone
●    Sitabani Buffer Zone

Out of all these, the Dhikala Zone is the most visited and popular because it is very rich in wildlife and offers night stays for serious wildlife enthusiasts. The Durga Devi zone, on the other hand, is more popular with people who are fond of birdwatching. 

If you want to explore the depths of nature, you can also try

Camping - There are multiple campsites in and around Jim Corbett. Experiencing wildlife at night-time is an adventure in itself. You can also have a bonfire and guided tours by professionals when you’re camping.

Waterfalls and Rivers - Corbett also has sparkling water bodies such as the Kosi River and the Corbett Waterfall. You can visit these if you wish to take a break from all the adventure.  

5.    Historical Sites  

For the less adventurous people out there, there are many shrines, temples, and museums at Corbett to visit. Learn more about the history of the place at the Corbett Museum, and visit shrines like the Shri Hanuman Dham, Garjiya Devi Temple, Balaji Mandir, and more. 

6.    Rejuvenating Nature Therapy 

Experience the beauty of the Jim Corbett National Park in a luxurious stay at Corbett The Baagh Resort & Spa. Any vacation without a soothing little “me time” is incomplete. And what other way to reconnect with yourself than in a cozy resort located in the midst of the hills? Let nature rejuvenate you - and if it doesn’t, we will, with our five-star services. After all, after every adventure at Corbett, you will need a bit of pampering!

And that’s all about visiting Jim Corbett in winters! Although the wildlife sanctuary in itself will not disappoint you, make sure you book a cozy resort that promises a comfortable stay. This will help make your winter vacation ideal and the kind where you’ll forget all your worries and be your best self right in the lap of nature.