Home in the Heart of the Jungle

Have you ever felt restless to move out to the open roads that picture captivating verdant with the clear blue skies topping it? Most often we go out wandering for a location that we would need to rest our mind and soul, where we can move free-spirited without anything holding us back! Such a place that allows you to move with flair and freedom is Jim Corbett in the Northern closet of the country.

I bet that the place will make you swoon into its drizzling beauty touching your soul from within. If I were to describe Jim Corbett, then I would call it one of the most mindful getaways that gets you the closest to nature.

I have one such experience where I can sew it into a series to make it comprehensive for you to catch hold of the insights that I experienced while moving to the dense natural abode.

While deciding to roam around watching tigers on a safari wasn't enough to be Jim Corbett! I had to decide on a place that would be my residence for the entire stay tenure. I picked the ravishing Corbett The Baagh Spa & Resort in the Patkot Village. The first exterior look and feel of this resort had an elite inclination beholding me for minutes. I was sure to discover an eclectic experience once I enter into the royal setting that had records of inviting paramount personalities before.

But, it did not start here! The way to the Corbett the Baagh is no less in terms of introducing to the closest proximity of nature. While you drive to reach the resort, you will come across streams flowing at an unbeatable pace whilst the greenery remains a constant pleasurable experience.

The winds complement the moderately chilly climate (depends on which season you choose, although lying in the northern India parts make this place a susceptible cold place) along with the rich flora peeping into your privacy cacophonies. The whole journey of a couple of hours would snuggle you into the foothills of Nainital.

Once you reach the destination, the warm welcome of the Corbett the Baagh staff will presumably drive you to the authenticity of Indian culture. They greet you with a Namaste followed by your check-in formalities sorted in a jiffy. You will be completely overwhelmed by the way they welcome you as the staff is gallant. They aim to assist you throughout your stay!

Furthermore, guiding you to the room you select among any of the jaw-dropping suites namely, Jungle Cat that is embedded with extravagant interiors leveled up with soft lights followed by Leopard cat suite that flutters luxury at its best with its dynamic upholstery that you cannot fail to love, and others include, leopard suites and Baagh presidential suites spread across enormous spaces with mesmerizing innard decor and infallible views of the manicured garden, turquoise pool, and pinnacle of Shivalik hills.

How will you find wellness at Corbett The Baagh?

In the simplest and shortest colloquial, Corbett The Baagh sums luxury with comfort to offer you a pleasurable luxury experience that is inclusive of the revitalizing spa coddling you with everything that relaxes you. Indulge into the heavenly pampering of your body with a list of holistic therapies, facial care, spa, exfoliating massages, and other beauty regimes that make you look and feel impeccable at the end of the rejuvenating session. While living city lives, we get grounded by responsibilities, expectations, and hustles throughout months and years. We all need to put a full stop to things that snatch our peace and get ourselves into a delightful experience treating us to the fresh and revitalizing therapies. At Corbett The Baagh, you can dabble into a plethora of such wellness experiences ranging from customized deep tissue massage, aroma healing therapy, Balinese massage, twilight touch, head and back massage, rubberneck and hedonist, foot spa post manicure, and pedicure along with oxygenation and exfoliation of your skin. I know how pleasant and desirable it sounds! It is more than you just imagined and expected!

What to do in Corbett the Baagh Spa & Resort?

Not only this, what I loved the most was the gym and recreational center equipped with almost all the indoor and outdoor games twinned with modern amenities. One can cherish childhood giggles while playing and get entertained with no trace of time throughout the day!  When was the last time you got a chance to grab a racket and play on objectives with a partner who is equally stubborn to win? Long gone are those times isn't it? Amidst the personal and professional dilemmas, recreational activities sound like melodrama! But, once you are here with ample of games surrounding your leisure, you will love to jump in and try each of them with the same competency and thrill that you used to match in your childhood. From table tennis, cricket, and badminton, to carrom, volleyball, and chess, you can play innumerable games and undergo activities enlisted as, Gym, Swimming Pool, Children’s Play Area, Rain Dance, Nature Walks, Birding Tours, Hiking, Village Walks, Basket Ball, Foot Ball, Ludo, Karaoke, Bon Fire, Live Music, Guitarist, Wildlife Movies, Organic Farming while you are here! Can you believe the range?

Something that I discovered to be different!

What I have noticed and you will too when you are here, that no matter where your eyes dwindle, what you find is abundant greenery and rich biodiversity of both fauna and flora. The flora seems to dip you while you will find innumerable rare and migratory birds resting and merrily flying all over the place freely without obligations. Even after being such a sophisticated place to reside, the resort is immersed in natural and traditional ways of living.

This is not it! You will surely run out of time while exploring everything right from Corbett The Baagh Spa & Resort. As they quote, " Safari First" this itself gives us a glimpse as to how enlarged the bigger picture of this jungle landscape would be. Corbett has had its legacy since time immemorial and in all these years its enriched biodiversity filled with enchanting flora and fauna has never failed to surprise its visitors. If you have never been to this place, do not wait for any further and carry out your journey to the most adventurous wildlife reserve that has been following the aim of preserving the endangered tigers, spearheaded by Jim Corbett. This place has been inviting tourists from all across the globe to its amazing trekking and hiking trails along the river Kosi, followed by river rafting, and the most adventurous activity of all, Jungle Safari early in the morning to watch the tigers. Post that, there are multiple sightseeing spots that will steal your attention namely, Garjia temple, Sitabani Temple, Corbett waterfalls, Corbett Museum, nature walks, birdwatching, and the huge Kalagarh dam across the Ramganga river.

Hold on!

I will put some abrupt full stops here because I am going to continue with the organic culture and food fiesta in the next loop of the Corbett expanse. Until then, stay tuned and feel the natural aura while I frame the better half of what you just read above!

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