the baagh resort ramnagar

I appreciate the patience that you have maintained until I came back with some fresh glimpse of Corbett's The Baagh Spa & Resort. An eternal experience would not justify what this place has in store for you. Every travel enthusiast who loves the expanse and coverage of wildlife understands the importance of biodiversity, which means the accurate balance of both plants and animals without any of these striking out of the balance. Corbett The Baagh is one such place that not only preaches this balance but practices it religiously!

Corbett The Baagh preach and practice Organic

You and I have always heard of the term Organic throughout the pandemic series and that is because of some reasons. Eating organic is not a new page in a lifestyle magazine, but a ritual to incorporate improvised immunity practices in life. Corbett The Baagh has a specialized culture of growing organic fruits and vegetables in the exteriors of the resort that pulls a visitor's attention all at once.

The greater astonishing part to endeavor to be, you are served the organically grown eatables in lunch and dinner! I could not believe my ears when I heard one of the staff members saying this to one of the guests and was thrilled to walk through the organic garden to witness it all by myself. It was a big truth! I was impressed by the fully green-grown vegetation that they have cultivated in the fertile land by utilizing it and taking care of it at regular intervals.

Also, the professionals make use of the used water and food scraps by recycling them for sewage and fertilizers. It was incredibly a thing to watch and remember! So far, I have just heard of Organic farming and practice, but this time I have experienced it at such proximity. The lunch and dinner were full of nutrition and Indian authenticity of the fresh grown organic veggies and hand made chappatis making me feel at home.

Organic reality check!

After this, you must have already realized that Corbett The Baagh has greenery inside out. For soulful rejuvenation and supremely pleasurable extempore meet with the nature I recommend Corbett The Baagh where you not only live a green lifestyle, witness nature, and dwell on a safari, but you get educated about nature. Nature is an abundant asset that you cannot resist once you start learning how it has been helping every species of this ecosystem. So, it is our responsibility to give back to mother nature so that it persists and the balance that I was talking about above, sustains. On this journey to Corbett The Baagh I have learned my bit of contributing to nature along with the importance of preserving it sustainably.

Now, I will move on to the next interesting thing that everyone is excited to know about. Food!

Restaurants serving Delicacies - Nivala and Angara in Corbett The Baagh

No matter how much we love a place on a vacay, what matters at the end of the day is a hearty meal that is made out of much love and fresh ingredients. Corbett The Baagh Spa & Resort serves its guests with authentic local (pahadi) platters! a multi-cuisine restaurant named Nivala (that means morsel) that has an utterly beautiful sight to it. You can watch the tip of the mighty Himalayas and enjoy your lunch and dinner by choosing any of the scrumptious dishes ranging in Chinese, Continental, Mughlai, Indian and many others served right on your table. Give your taste buds a slight tweak with an appetite for extremely Indian food made out of organic ingredients.

Following Nivala is the Angara that is the grill kitchen serving variegated dishes prepared by professional chefs. This is specialized for its grilled items in an open kitchen sitting setting alongside the pool. So it is a combination of both food and the panoramic views that fills your belly and heart simultaneously!

I was drooling when I was served piping hot food sauteed in simmering spices that had beautiful colors to watch and taste! Lip-smacking dishes never leave your taste buds, isn't it? Now you know why I am so fond of this place! Although I am a vegan, the fresh and juicy veggies and fruits that were plucked from the organic garden still linger in every corner of my tongue. I could clearly feel the difference in the food that city life and this place have for real! Heading to Corbett The Baagh is not limited to enjoying an overt green vacay but feeling natural ingredients right with your five senses, exponentially, at the closest proximity. I would look no further than Corbett The Baagh that has all in one at one go!

Goodbyes are difficult!

It is almost time to wrap my detailed descriptions about everything that I have explored in Corbett The Baagh and it is still endless to be curtailed in few words. But, I would leave the rest of the experiencing fiesta on you! Why don’t you come here and get draped in the luxurious assistance that the pristine people here adorn you with? Goodbyes are always difficult from places of tantalizing natural landscapes! But, there is a life beyond that I would need to resume but with a will to come back at the earliest on my next vacation. Until then, look no further than experiencing the inevitable beauty in leaps and bounds at Jim Corbett. Look what nature has in pockets filled for you!