In Pursuit of a Dream Holiday Destination - Corbett the baagh Spa and Resort

There are resorts and they are aplenty. So, who is the best-suited one for you from ‘em all? This is the ‘Kharb Rupaye’ question that bogs down every traveler. who sits down to finalize ‘A Resort’ in this whole wide world to take his family for a holiday, that they can remember for a lifetime.

People, organizations, associations, trade bodies & government entities have all made their own contributions in attempts to grade hotels & resorts. Also helps in segregate them to help you locate the most suitable one for your holiday. That, unfortunately, has only ended up confusing the customer more since categorizing subjective things like services is an impossibly tough task.

This is where review websites come to your rescue. They help us break away from the madness of segregations and give us a customer’s perspective. A resort’s rating based on the various parameters that matter to you. When this rating is being put online by verified ID’s of passionate travelers with live images of the travelers visit the resort. This entire gamut of activities suddenly becomes a whole lot more believable and gives one a live reference point.

Hotel Review websites like give its visitors a window to ask their questions about any resort on open platforms, where other travelers and the resort’s staff are both allowed to respond, cutting off the chances for any false claims permanently. In these times of wide choices, the scores and reviews put in by fellow travelers have therefore gone on to become a major point of reference for travelers. Gone are the days when Star Ratings, Price Based categorization and Product-Centric differentiations mattered. Today the guest has truly become ‘the god’ for he pronounces his verdict on public forums post experiencing the services of a resort. The effect of this verdict is profound and lasting.

At Corbett The Baagh Spa & Resort, we have simplified the process of scoring great reviews. We believe that hard work, perseverance, and a caring attitude are the only things in our control and we go about putting up our best efforts with these parameters over the past years. The results have been very encouraging and are a matter of extreme pride for each of our team members. To be appreciated by our guests on public platforms gives us a high and we take pride in the  #1 position that we today command in our destination ie. Corbett National Park. We intend to keep it simple and continue with our perseverance in excelling on our guest experiences every single time. Accolades are welcome, but for professional hoteliers, nothing beats the satisfaction of a great review.
We are proud to be the ‘Best Resort in Corbett’ and your search for the ‘Best Luxury Resort In Corbett’ ends with us.