Jim Corbett - Indulge In An Adventurous Escapade Into The Wilds

Jim Corbett, one of the oldest National Parks in the country, named after a hunter-turned-conservationist, is a popular destination for tourists and adventure junkies. Are you on the fence, wondering if visiting the National Park is a good idea or not? Well, the scenic landscapes, an abundance of flora and fauna, and diverse wildlife make Corbett an exhilarating holiday destination for all. 

Does adventure excite you? Explore the dense woods at the foothills of the Himalayas or indulge in the thrills of spotting the mammoth tigers and rare jungle cats. Jim Corbett is a dwelling house or a sanctuary of rare wild species like the Himalayan Black Bear, Leopards, Indian Grey Mongoose, Sambar Deer, Hog Deer, Indian Pangolins, Sloth, Langur, and innumerable others. Do you wish to let loose in solace? Far from the hustle and bustle, reclining at ease in the heart of lush and dense jungles is easier done than thought. 

Besides wildlife, Jim Corbett offers an array of adventure sports and activities for tourists to take pleasure in. Right from rafting in the Kosi river and mountain climbing to camping, trekking, mountain biking, fishing, river crossing, and more, a multitude of adventure activities keeps tourists engaged. 

Planning a trip into the green woods of Jim Corbett? Great! Arranging accommodation first is a good idea. Season or no season, Corbett resorts and hotels sell out in the blink of an eye. Are you picky about your lodging options? Fancy a luxurious stay with all possible amenities at your fingertips? Do check out Resorts by the Baagh, one of the finest and best resorts in Corbett. 

Relish staying in the heart of the dense Sitabani jungle without missing the comforts of a fine stay and luxuries. Resort by the Baagh is located near the key safari zones. So, plan your adventure safaris without worrying about hotfooting in the wilds. Speaking of safari, are you aware of the safari zones that are accessible and most popular? Some of the best safari zones in the forest include: 







Out of all, the Dhikala zone is one of the most sought-after and the largest adventure zone in the jungle area. Chances of spotting tigers, wild elephants, barking deers, and other wild species are brighter in Dhikala. The landscape of this zone is awe-inspiring too. From extensive grasslands to woods, and a gorgeous view of the Ramganga river, witness beauty in spades at the Dhikala zone. 

In addition to Dhikala, Bijrani also pops up as a popular adventure safari zone. The area is largely flooded by tourists as Jeep safari is much more accessible in this zone. Catching sight of the tiger is quite possible in Bijrani. After all, the zone boasts of a higher tiger density. Unfortunately, the zone fills up fast, and finding a good stay option is harder than you think. 

Is Jim Corbett a win-win destination for adventure junkies only? 

Absolutely not! Did you ever picture a destination wedding in Jim Corbett? Well, the breathtaking landscapes of the Kumaon region make a beautiful backdrop for a grand wedding. The serene and picturesque lands cast a spell. Wondering if the jungle offers enough amenities to host a lavish wedding? Well, Resorts by the Baagh stands out as one of the best resorts in Corbett for a reason. The resort is exquisite, rewarding guests with a holistic experience and state-of-the-art facilities. 

Arranging a destination wedding in Jim Corbett is a cakewalk when you drop anchors here, at Resorts by the Baagh. The campus houses a modern and lavish banquet, rooms that look pretty as a picture, a luxurious jacuzzi, fine dining options, and a list of amenities, that are certainly hard to find in the offbeat and distant wilds of Jim Corbett National Park.