Journey And Access To Patkot - Corbett The Baagh Resort and Spa

Patkot is a small village located in Ramnagar, Tehsil of Nainital district in the Uttarakhand State. It is well connected through Roadways, Railways and Airways. Patkot is a new find among travellers and vacationers and here’s a detailed review of the Journey and Access to Patkot:


When Travelling by Road:

Distance from Major Cities by Road

Delhi to Patkot: 286 km (5-6 hours)
Dehradun to Patkot: 249 km (7hours)
Kashipur to Patkot: 53 km (1hour 45mins)
Meerut to Patkot: 231 km (4-5 hours)
Haridwar to Patkot: 197 km (5hours)
Moradabad to Patkot: 79km (2hours)
Haldwani to Patkot: 53km (1hour 15mins)

The journey till Ramnagar is normal, like any other popular city. But after that from Ramnagar to Patkot, it seems like you’ve entered into a completely different zone. You are far away from the city noise and pollution, it’s just you and nature.

There is less connectivity in your mobile phones but more connectivity with your surroundings. The 24 km stretch in the Sitabani Forest Zone is a safari in itself and that too free of cost. The road journey is full of adventures and the thrill of sitting in an open jeep is unexplainable, you will experience a lot of new and exciting things.

If you are travelling from Delhi, it is recommended to leave around 6 in the morning, so that you can reach Ramnagar around 11. And then from there, another journey to Patkot will start. The blazing sun staring at you through the blue, uncluttered sky. Delicate flowers and gigantic trees bowing down with the breeze, the best time capture the beautiful landscape.

The rush of cool breeze touching the warmth of your cheeks with your hair fluttering in the wind is what will make your journey an unforgettable ride.

When Travelling by Rail:

While living in cities, we hardly travel by trains. But, the journey and the experiences are worth everything. Ramnagar is the nearest railway station to Patkot, having good connectivity with major cities. There are two main trains running from Delhi to Ramnagar having multiple stops, they are:

Name From To Time
RMR LINK EXP New Delhi Ramnagar 16:00 – 20:40

Delhi → Ghaziabad → Amroha → Moradabad → Kashipur → Ramnagar

When travelling in RMR LINK EXP, your journey starts at 4 in the afternoon and by the time you’re about to reach Ramnagar, it would already be dawn. The engaging journey when the train going through twists, turns and bends, the families around you, the kids playing and being excited about a vacation makes you happy too, the sound of the train when it makes its way through a tunnel, all this comes to an end when you reach Ramnagar railway station around 9. But, its actually not the end.
The second part of your journey starts here, from Ramnagar railway station to Corbett The Baagh.

There’s something about night drives, the calmness, tranquil and laidback surroundings, the sound of dry leaves crumbling away when you drive past them, the moon peeping through the clouds and following your car, and the stillness of the forest. The night is also full of surprises, you never know when you spot a tiger or some other wildlife animals.

Name From To Time
RANIKHET EXP Jaisalmer Ramnagar 22:00 – 04:50

Jodhpur → Marwar → Ajmer → Jaipur → Gurugram → Old Delhi → Ghaziabad → Moradabad → Rampur → Haldwani → Kashipur → Ramnagar

The other train is Ranikhet Exp that originates at Jaisalmer, reaches Delhi around 10 pm and reaches Ramnagar around 5 in the morning.

The overnight train journey is preferred by many as you can relax by sleeping at night. The next day you wake up fresh, early in the morning when the sky is bright, the birds are chirping, there’s a cool wind blowing. The rays of sun falling through the teak-brown trees, the satisfaction of experiencing the warmth of the sun in its glorious hour. The mountains, valleys and roads looking extraordinarily beautiful.

During your early morning ride from the station to your resort, you may witness a few wild animals, the locals of the village Patkot, the beautiful morning faces of people around you. There will be Positivity around, automatically making you feel happy on the inside.

* When Travelling by Air

Pantnagar airport is a domestic airport located 105 km from Patkot village with 2 hours 30 min journey by road. The airport is well connected from many major cities like Delhi with just an hour flight, making it super convenient to travel.

Flights from Departure time Arrival time
Delhi to Pantnagar 1:00 pm 2:00 pm
Pantnagar to Delhi 2:30 pm 3:30 pm

The nut-brown forest in the afternoon looked mesmerizing.
The sun glittering through the leaves and brightening up the whole forest, the wind carrying a fragrance with it, the freshness and the smell of the forest, the wind-fallen fruits, the vision of some Wild Animals is nothing treat to your eyes and your senses.

And, it is rightly said:

“Journey is often more beautiful than the destination itself”