Knit Closely with Nature

"The antidote to exhaustion isn't rest, it's nature." - Shikoba

Nature is at the heart of everything in this universe! It is a universal contributor in leaps and bounds. It is a no-brainer that biodiversity is perennial and unconditional. No matter where you are or what you do, the only thing that can retrieve your peace, in nature. It acts as a real escape away from the hustles! Jim Corbett is one such abode on Earth that invites nature lovers to the haven where the rich flora and fauna are grounded on an enchanting geographical setting to give birth to the wellbeing of the mind and soul. 

Walk into the natural habitat

If you are wandering to find serenity amidst the wild woods, then Corbett The Baagh Spa & Resort offers you an abstract environment that is beyond the artificial concept. Blend into an extempore conversation with nature where you get a glance of the mountains, sovereign climatic conditions, unmatched environs, and astonishing landscape views. The green team of Corbett The Baagh styles your stay in the lap of nature without eclipsing your vision with anything except dense green forests.

Let your soul be under the limelight of a stay summed up by simplicity and aristocracy altogether!

Things to explore in Corbett, The Baagh Spa & Resort

  • Receive the grand welcome in a pure Indian style (with a namaste) by the staff of Corbett The Baagh which is heart whelming.

  • Post that, you will be addressed to the spacious and quaint stays, adjacent to nature.

  • Relive the replica of Jim Corbett through the divine decor in your room.

  • Catch hold of the world-class amenities fulfilling your search for relaxation at the spa and massage sessions conducted by specialists, followed by the indoor and outdoor activities that seclude you from monotony.

  • Soak the thin ray of sunlight that doesn't fail to pass your sight early in the morning, peeping in from the impenetrable forests.

  • Pave the way for an infinite strolling on the unwavering nature from where you can catch breathtaking views of the Patkot Village.

Corbett The Baagh : An Organic Lifestyle

All that is green isn't organic! This means to go green, one needs to practice and propagate green. Corbett The Baagh is not only a green stay but a green practitioner of sustainability. We practice organic farming for fruits, and vegetables, soil composting, zero usage of harmful fertilizers and plastic components, sewage management, and recycling biodegradable items. Also, Corbett The Baagh takes the initiative to contribute to the village life and giving back to the nature that overloads us with abundance.

The Forever Feast

The venue and the menu at Corbett the Baagh Spa & Resort are going to spill the beans of special moments for you and your favorite humans around you. Treat yourself to the delectable lunch and dinner with Chinese, Continental, Mughlai, Indian, and much more coming from the pans of top-class chefs while witnessing a heart-touching view of the Himalayas, and dense forest coverage sheltering you.

Nature awaits you...

Break the shackles of city life that bind your freedom of waking up to the sunrise and adjourning the day with sunsets. Capture the eternal beauty of nature in your eyes and glide to the secrets of wildlife from the nearest human habitat at Corbett The Baagh Spa & Resort. We are more than you just read!