Monsoon at jim corbett ramnagar

Come July, the 1st showers of monsoon are expected to hit Corbett. This is an awesome time to be in this pristine biosphere. It is almost as if every living being in this macrocosm waits with bated breath for this moment.

The dry summer winds brings along with it, fine dust that settles on the jungle foliage, add to that the dry weather and the entire forest turns into a shade of brown during the dry season. Monsoon brings with itself a sudden turnaround. The 1st showers wash off the leaves clean turning the fine dust into fertilizer, the process catalyzes the growth of new offshoots and leaves. Within a matter of a few days, the forest has turned bright green which in turn kicks off a buzz of activities.

Monsoon is a time of plenty for both flora & fauna. The abundance of new green increases the growth of insects that in turn draws the birds and thus the food chain starts…… Monsoon is also the time for mating for almost every resident of the jungle. A peep into the jungle at this time reveals the queer courting rituals of many beings, some who partner for life and while some philander around aimlessly; with just progeny in their minds.

Come see Corbett in its true beauty, come see the heavy clouds swoon down on the treetops, come see monsoon at its best! It is guaranteed to ignite the romantic in you too.

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