Pre Wedding Shoot Destination Places in Jim Corbett

Post COVID-19 events like Jim Corbett wedding & Jim Corbett pre-wedding shoot have become quite popular. The need of getting away from the hustle & bustle of the city has made the idea of forest weddings & pre-wedding photoshoots transform into a new wedding trend.

Pre-wedding shoots may sound expensive and fancy, but there are quite a few reasons as to why these pre-wedding shoots are catching on and have become a trend among the current generation.

The team at Corbett The Baagh has taken the liberty of mentioning a few of the reasons & the importance of a Jim Corbett pre-wedding shoot, but as it’s an open forum you all are more than invited to chip in your thoughts on the same.

1. Build an understanding with your shutterbug

Pre-wedding shoots are not just about postures anymore. Professional photographers are coming up with different ways of creating your marriage album. A pre-wedding photoshoot 2-3 months preceding your wedding ceremony will help you understand your photographer a bit better.

Camera-shyness is something that a few of us may suffer from, but it’s not something that cannot be worked upon. Sometimes all it takes is some expert advice from your professional photographer to help you gain a little perspective and overcome the issue. It may also help your photographer to discover your best angles and postures to help make your wedding day snaps look phenomenal. Know more - Click here.

2. One style does not fit all

The above statement holds in the context of photography as each individual is different and has one’s unique persona and the way they carry themselves. On viewing your pre-wedding pictures, you can make a conscious decision on the angles, postures and poses that look best on you. You can also choose what type of photography you believe will fit your wedding day needs. Be it frank, descriptive, periodical or something new. Contemporary photographers emphasize a lot on capturing the intricate details of the event. Hence a pre-wedding shoot will also help you understand your photographer and the way he wishes to capture your special event.

3. Additional memories

Pre-wedding photoshoots are generally a fun time to get to know your better half and set a foot forward to a future of many years of togetherness. A pre-wedding photoshoot has many moments of playing out light-hearted pranks on each other to help you get a little closer to understanding each other a little better. You are free to pose in any way you want to figure out the style that works best in your and your partners’ favour. Pre-wedding shoot photographers prefer capturing candid & natural moments, expressions and real emotions shared by the couple which makes the wedding album look a lot more natural rather than a scripted photo shoot.

4. Use them for your pre-wedding events

Pre-wedding pictures are a great choice for your wedding invitation cards or maybe used as a slideshow at your wedding reception, sangeet or any special wedding event. These photos will brighten up the evening, spread laughter and bring about moments of nostalgia as they transform into your pictorial representation of your first meet up with each other to tell at your wedding or family events and what better way of telling a story when you have pictures to showcase those special moments of togetherness and the feeling of falling in love.

5. Relive your first love

The pre-wedding shoot helps lighten the stress of the wedding where everything needs to be perfect as you won’t get a second shot either at the mandap or next to the swimming pool as you glide through the planned events of your wedding without even having a chance of catching your breath. A pre-wedding photoshoot not only provides you with several stunning images but can also become the only source of reliving the feeling of falling in love for the first time.

Corbett the Baagh welcomes you to join us for a Jim Corbett wedding event and turn a one-time event into an everlasting memory of joy & happiness.