Established in 1936, Jim Corbett National Park is undoubtedly one of the Best National Parks of India that has abundant flora and fauna species that you just can’t resist exploring.

Jim Corbett National Park Resorts

The National Park is famous for its Royal Bengal Tiger and a few Adventure Activities at Jim Corbett National Park Resorts that people of all ages can enjoy.

If you are someone who likes to do something more than the usual, you can go for various Treks.

If you like spending time in nature, you can go for Nature Walks and Bird Watching as the Jim Corbett National Park Resorts are a paradise for Bird Watchers. There are more than 700 different species of Birds around these Resorts in Jim Corbett National Park.

For people seeking adventures a little more adventure, there is nothing better than activities like River Crossing, River Rafting etc. in the white waters of River Kosi.

Apart from all this, while staying at Jim Corbett National Park Resorts Jungle Safari is a must! You will get to see a herd of Elephants, the majestic Royal Bengal Tiger and other Wild Animals like Porcupines, Deer and more which makes it a perfect time for all the photographers to get their Best Shots!

The park is spread over 1200 sq. kms (approx.) thus, every spot will give you a good shot.
Get your cameras ready, it’s time for some action.

As mentioned above that the National Park is famous for its Tiger Population and beautiful nature, most people have a misconception that there are hardly any activities to do Apart from Jungle Safari and Nature Walks. But, in reality there’s more to Jim Corbett National Park Resorts than the above-mentioned things, come and experience them all.

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    Discover maximum wildlife in minimum time by staying at Jim Corbett National Park Resorts.

    The open Jeep Jungle Safari is one of the Best Activities to Do in Jim Corbett National Park as it helps you to explore more and see a number of wild Animals and a variety of Birds.

    The best time to visit Jim Corbett National Park Resorts in during November – June as the weather is pleasant and is a good time to explore. If planning for Safari, one should avoid going during monsoons as the roads are slippery and the chances of spotting a Tiger decreases.

    Also, there are 5 Zones for Safari – Jhirna, Bijrani, Dhikala, Dhela and Durga Devi and all zones except Jhirna are closed during monsoons.

    There are 3 slots for safari – Morning, Afternoon and Evening. It is highly recommended to book your safari’s in advance as there are only limited vehicles allowed in the jungle at a time and Jungle Safari being a popular activity the slots get booked quickly.

    The cost for Safari’s range between Rs. 1500 – Rs. 4500.

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    Jim Corbett National Park, home to Royal Bengal Tiger is also famous for its Temples.Garjia Temple is a temple of Mother Goddess Garjia Devi and is one of the famous Shakti Peeths of India. It is dedicated to Goddess Parvati but, is also home to Lord Shiva, Lord Ganesha, Goddess Sarasvati and God Bhairon Baba.

    The temple is situated on a huge rock and there are many interesting facts, stories and beliefs according to the locals of the village. To know more about it, Click here.

    Situated at a distance of just 30 kms (1 hour) from resorts in Ramnagar, Sitabani Temple is the place where Goddess Sita used to spend some of her days here.

    The place also holds importance among travellers is because of its citation in Ramayana. Every year, on the day of Ramnavami, the temple organises a large funfair. This temple also has one of the best views, so don’t forget to click some amazing pictures.

    Last, but not the least Maa Baarahi Temple Devidhura is a popular temple in Champawat. On Raksha Bandhan, an unusual festival is celebrated, known as Bagwal.

    During this festival, there are two groups people dancing and singing throwing stones at each other, while trying to protect themselves with the help of wooden shields.

    The people participating are carefree about the injuries as they’re believed to be Lucky.

    Also, a fun fact about this temple is that there has been no loss of life till date during this unusual festival. The temple is situated at a distance of 64 kms (1 hour 30 mins) from Jim Corbett National Park Hotels.


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    Health Benefits as well.

    If you are bird lover then this walk into the woods will be nothing less than a heaven for you with over 700 species of Birds, local as well as Migratory.

    The birds that are frequently spotted near the resorts in Ramnagar are Siberian Crane, Dove, Babbler, Kingfisher, Great Hornbill and more.

    But, if you lucky enough you might even get to see a glimpse of white stork, woodpecker, black-headed night heron, white pelican, cinnamon Bittern and many more.

    Take a stroll in the forest around the Jim Corbett National Park Resorts and explore the hidden secrets of the jungle, click some beautiful pictures and get yours clicked as well.

    The Shivalik Hills and the Beautiful Sitabani Forest can be the perfect backdrop for your pictures.


    If you don’t feel like going out and feel like indulging in Inhouse Activities, our wide range of indoor and outdoor games are definitely for you!

    Catch-up with the recreational activities, showcase your talent to your friends and family only at Jim Corbett National Park Resorts.

    Get your hands on a game of Chess, fight for the queen in Carrom, try your luck in Tambola or bring back a thousand childhood memories with outdoor games Like Cricket, Badminton, Volleyball and more.

    A fun, entertaining game with your friends and family is always a good idea to spend some quality time with your friends and family.

    Let the child in you stay alive, as you grow up in life!


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    Another delight near Jim Corbett National Park Resorts that you cannot afford to miss is Corbett Falls. Located around 20 – 25 kms (40 mins) from Resorts in Ramnagar, here tourists can rejoice in the beauty of nature. Corbett fall is surrounded by dense forest, which add more to its beauty.

    The sound of pounding water on the ground combined with melodious songs of the chirping birds is haven for all.  The fall is 66ft. tall and is a breath-taking sight, specially on moonlit nights.

    The place attracts a lot of campers and tourists as the place is used as a picnic spot by many.

    The splendid view of the fall and the beautiful nature around you make your pictures shine brighter than the stars. The Best timings to visit Corbett Falls is from 7:00 am to 5:00 pm.


    Corbett Museum is the former bungalow of Jim Corbett, the renowned Hunter and Naturalist.The museum houses many attractive personal belongings of Jim Corbett including his Awards, Paintings, his Hunts, Guns that he used to shoot from, Manuscripts and more.

    When staying at Jim Corbett National Park Resorts even if you could not spot a tiger, you could get the feel of a close encounter by visiting the museum.

    Here, you will get to know how majestic and huge these man-eaters are and what’s the hype really about.

    The Museum remains open all throughout the year and it closed only during Holi. The timings for visiting the Museum is from 7:00 am – 6:00 pm.

    The entry charges are Rs. 10 (Indians), Rs. 50 (Foreigners) and Rs. 3 (students with valid ID cards).


    Move over from the leisure activities add a little adventure to your trip.

    Ride with the rapids in River Kosi, discover the forests and wildlife on foot, tour your way through the dense forest on cycle and a lot more.

    Flowing alongside the Jim Corbett National Park Resorts, River Rafting in the white waters of Kosi River is a popular Adventure Activity.

    The best time for rafting is during the Monsoon Season as the water level is high and you can experience grade II and grade III Rapids.

    For trekking Sitabani Forest is the perfect place where you might encounter with Elephants, Tiger, Deer, Monkeys and more.

    Things to keep in mind while trekking in winters is to wear comfortable clothes and shoes and avoid wearing bright colours, try wearing colours that would match your surroundings. Come Visit Jim Corbett National Park Resorts, trekking awaits you here.

    Other adventure activities that you can try your hands on at Jim Corbett National Park Hotels are river crossing, hiking, mountain climbing, mountain biking and more.


    Surrounded by picturesque background and lush green forest, Jim Corbett National Park Resorts are the perfect spot for your pictures.These Resorts in Ramnagar houses more than 700 species of birds and a number of Wild Animals as well.

    If you are someone who loves capturing the beauty of nature, the majestic hills and valleys then there’s no better place for you these Resorts in Ramnagar.

    These pictures will be the beautiful memories that you’ll take back home with you and cherish them all your life.


    The Kalagarh Dam is also known as the Ramganga Dam, a tributary of holy River Ganga.If you are someone likes calm, serene surroundings then Kalagarh Dam near Resorts in Ramnagar is where you should be.

    Adore the beauty of the dam and capture the different migratory birds during winters.