Travel Packages for Jim Corbett

Traveling anywhere involves a set of mechanisms that need to be sorted before going anywhere. First of all, if you want to visit the park extensively, you would need certain guidelines to ensure a safe trip and full of enjoyment. You would need approximately 2-3 days to surf around most places of sight.

What is the geographical placement of Jim Corbett Park?

The park's geography and topography must be kept in mind when visiting the park. It is essential because it also affects the timing of the visit as well as the availability of the local facility. The park is located inside a bigger facility known as the Corbet Tiger Reserve. Along with the facility and the park, the area counts for more than 1200 sq km.

The main safari is located 35 miles from the park headquarters. Ramnagar is the name of the area, and it is more than 1200 feet above the ground and the area is surrounded by the Ramnagar river, there are certain times of the year when tourists are allowed to visit the park. The park is open to visitors between November and June due to the climate being severe and not friendly in the other months.

What are the challenges of traveling and its routes?

There are many challenges to traveling to the Jim Corbett National Park as you are traveling to a safari, not a zoo. First and foremost, there are safety challenges. You must be stuck with the guides with the groups because the animals around the sanctuary are wild ones. They may sense you as a danger and attack you to protect themselves.

Furthermore, the COVID restrictions have certainly affected the tour policies. The protocols are very strict, and you must have documents for vaccination. There must be an extensive stock of masks and sanitizers with you, so proceeding further with the tour will not be affected.

The Corbett national facility is well connected through the network of roads and railways, with Delhi being 260 km away and having easy access toward big cities. The route is not difficult, and if you are traveling locally, you can book a cab or visit personally. If you are a foreigner, you can enlist the help of a local guide.

5 travel packages for Jim Corbett National Park

Travel packages are good to have as they ensure safety and will prove to be cost-effective. The following are some packages shortlisted for interested individuals and groups:

1.    Family Trip Through Uttrakhand
This trip package allows entry for three people, and two adults must be compulsory. This trip involves visiting different places for around 7 days of the package. It involves living in 4 hotels, shifting to 7 sights, and performing 3 main activities. There is a 1-night stay in Haridwar, a one-night stay in Rishikesh, two nights in Mussoorie, and two nights in Corbett. The visit includes extensive sightseeing, and if you want to add further activities, you will be given the liberty to do that. The cost of the trip is only under 19000 INR and is one of the most recommended Jim Corbett packages.

2.     Walking jungle trails with a resort stay
The package has no limit on the number of personnel, groups, or individuals who are allowed. It involves 2 nights and 1 day of the trip, with luxury wildlife resort accommodation. Furthermore, there are no limits to meals or snacks, so have fun going crazy. The most important part is that it allows for walking through the park and witnessing nature very closely. And if that's not enough, you can have gaming or fun activities too inside the park, organized by the trip facility.

3.    Taj Corbett resort and spa  
If you are having a long weekend and just want to spend some me-time. Well, we have shortlisted just a package for you. It involves a two-night stay, which will start with departure from Dehradun airport to Uttrakhand, from where car service will take you to the Taj resort. From there, you can enjoy two nights at the finest resort in the area, and it will only cost less than 20,000 INR.

4.    The blue orchid
The package includes a 3-day trip with enough sightseeing in the Corbet. This allows three individuals to travel with their own room and food accommodation. The trip starts from new Delhi to direct Corbett, afterward a night stay at the five-star hotel blue orchid. This package is recommended because it has a jeep safari tour across the habitat of wild animals. The blue orchid package is stated to be the most luxurious Jim Corbett national park resort package among all others.

5.     Luxury package
This package requires no limitation on the number of personnel. It involves several activities, ranging from live music bird watching to river body surfing through jungle safari. It also involves bonfires in winter and movie nights during the stay of tourists. If you are planning a weekend out with your better half, this package is the best option for you. The cost per person is less than 8000 INR.

Friendly conclusion

The amount of enjoyment and scenic beauty is way beyond what the words can explain. However, Jim Corbett national park is a place everyone should visit once in their lifetime. One to feel the beauty of being close to nature and secondly the importance of conserving our environment. So when are you booking your tickets among best jim corbett packages?