Summer Vacations with Corbett the Baagh

Summer Vacation With Family

As parents, we all wish our children make the most of their childhood and that is constant. Isn’t it? When we plan for childhood activities of our kids, we need to keep some space for ‘summer vacations’ which form an integral part of our growing-up process. While the definition of Summer Vacations during our times meant fun and frolic alone, now with high levels of competitiveness, schools are forced to infringe

on this ‘free time’ and keep the child in the ‘study-mode’ constantly. As much as the school may try to make ‘holiday home-work’ sound interesting, for the child it remains just mundane ‘homework’, which simply needs to be done. That’s where our role as parents kicks in!

We can, for sure, hang a carrot of a summer-outing to ensure the child puts his / her energies into the mundane stuff and finishes it off well before-time. Trust us, it works! However, as parents, don’t we wish our children do some experiential learning too? After all, childhood is about the experiences and not the books and AV media he/she is put through. Choose wisely and opt for a smart holiday this summer. Choose a destination that is both relaxing for you and educating for the kids.

Happy family enjoying and running together in the mountains

With environment consciousness playing a vital role today, it is only pertinent that you plan a holiday as close to ‘Mother Nature’ as possible, and there is no better place for this than Corbett National Park. Imagine the impact on your child, when you tell him/her as you enter the wilderness, that the city where you live, a few centuries back, would have also looked much like this jungle. It, for sure, will set off the young one’s mind thinking. The child will, for sure, understand in a jiffy, the many comforts that came along with city dwelling, but it will also dawn on the child, the realities of what we lost in the process.

While at Corbett, every minute is a learning experience for the child, the early morning oxygen-laden fresh-air, the chirping of 700 odd species of birds, the sights and sounds of the forest, the smells and aromas of the various life forms that go on to become a macrocosm called ‘the jungle’ are all new discoveries for the child. Show your child a tiger, a water buffalo, a langur, a hornbill, a python and the rare amphibians that abound in this wilderness. The child learns not only about the jungle, but also will develop a profound respect for nature and a steely resolve to protect it.

For your stay, opt for Corbett The Baagh Spa and Resort. Spread across more than 20 acres of landscaped gardens, orchards, and farms, the resort is a school in itself. Expose your child to an array of ornamental and fruit-bearing plants/trees. Get an educational tour of the organic farm and learn its nuances from the village folk. With every meal experience, we bring to you what is growing seasonally and locally. We also give you a taste of what is consumed locally ie. Kumaoni cuisine, which has evolved over the last 800 years in the hills.

Make learning as exciting as it can ever get! At the Corbett The Baagh, you get to experience all this, while enjoying all the comforts of a five-star resort making it a very satisfying experience for us as parents!