Things To Do in Jim Corbett

The Jim Corbett Safari is a forested safari located in the foothills of the Himalayas, and it is famous for its flora and fauna. This park is home to a large number of tigers, and It probably has more than any other park in the whole of India. The exact coordinates of where it is located will take you to Nainital District, Ram Nagar, in the city of Uttrakhand.

The foundation of this wildlife sanctuary was laid in 1936. The safari was named after the famous hunter-turned-conversationalist, Jim Corbett. He was a colonel in the British army. He also served as a tracker and hunter of man-eating animals and was often called upon by the state leaders of Uttrakhand and Agra to tackle the beasts. However, over time, by staying in the states and being in battle with hundreds of tigers. He concluded that not every tiger is a man-eating beast.

Moreover, most of them are just trying to defend themselves. So in 1905, it was planned that there would be a game reserve to keep these wild animals from the population. To keep the people and the animals both safe.

10 best things to expect from a trip to Jim Corbett

As the area of the Jim Corbett park is widespread, to over more than 1300 sq km. Dozens of sights are a must-visit if you are visiting. Aside from animals in their natural habitat, there are breathtaking scenery and historical relics. So, there are many things to do in Jim Corbett. 

1.    Kosi River
Kosi river is present towards the eastern side of Jim Corbett Park. It has a length of more than 16o meters and is also a refreshing source for wild animals. It is a beautiful place to spend an evening as the sunsets here are said to be sending the tourists in its awe.

2.    DurgaMandir Temple
The temple is devoted to Durga, and it is ancient. Seeing the architecture inside the temple is something short of an archaeological expedition. It is also located in the middle of the forest, which is a tourist attraction, and also holds great religious importance for the locals.

3.    Corbett Falls
At the beginning of the Corbet tour, Corbet Falls welcomes you with its gushing fall coming from the sky. The beautiful place is an attraction for tourists to spend quality time with their loved ones. It also has a picnic spot for people. The area around has a good capacity of parking and structural area. So there are no issues if you want to visit the falls personally.

4.    Flying in the blue sky
 What more could rush the blood than having an adventure in the air. The park also has paragliding and paramotoring facilities for the tourists. The amount of adventure is double the worth of price. To witness the safari from the sky above is an experience that many people stated to be.

5.    Jeep Safari
One of the most enriching experiences is the jeep safari. They travel around the habitats of the animals. There is something very close to nature through the forest and around it. The visuals of observing live are mesmerizing. Seeing hundreds of species of birds and floras. The witnessing of wildlife is the main crux of the tour to Jim Corbett national park

6.    Corbett Museum
The Corbett Museum is home to many historical souvenirs and documentation regarding the area. This also used to be the house of Jim Corbet and in the remembrance of his services towards the local wildlife. The museum was dedicated to him. This is a must-visit place to know the importance of the land.

7.    River rafting
Who doesn't like a little dip in the water? The most appropriate time for river rafting in Jim Corbet Park is in the morning. So the time enjoyment is not limited. The beautiful ride carries the vast river's life with itself. While traveling through the river, you can also see the life underwater and stop by for fishing.

8.    Camping
Camping may seem dangerous in a safari park. But you are in for a surprise. The Jim Corbett park facility has ensured safety points where camping is allowed. So the tourists can enjoy the nightlife of the safari and be safe at the same time. The revies of camping here are very positun=ve, and many international camping teams have loved staying at night in the wild jungle.

9.    Sonanadi wildlife sanctuary
The only region which is allowed to be a walk zone for tourists. It has beautiful terrain and is the prime location for trekking the safari. However, be careful of the snakes. They are more venomous than most of you have in your life.

10.    Mountain biking
The park is surrounded by villages with very fair heightened hills. It is a paradise for mountain bikers. You can take your bicycle and test your limits on Indian soil. The experience is breathtaking as you see the contrasting safari and the villages altogether.

Friendly conclusion
The park has very historic importance. Thus it is very interesting that people at that time paid heed to protect the wildlife. Whereas, now people in different regions are awakening to this matter when the species of different animals are close to extinction. However, the Jim Corbett national park is a pristine example of how saving nature can help you see the beauty in the wild.