Best Resort in Corbett

The problem with booking resorts in Jim Corbett is that there are too many of them! Jim Corbett - an exotic Tiger Reserve located in the hills of Nainital in Uttrakhand, is a popular holiday destination. With rich wildlife, lots of flora, and many adventure activities to try, Corbett keeps its guests busy and entertained. Adventure-seekers go there to do wildlife safari, camping in the jungle, sightseeing, bird spotting, rock climbing, and what not! 

Best Resort in Corbett

After such strenuous activities in Jim Corbett, you would want to spend some time in a cozy hotel room. For that, you’d have to book the right resort. Jim Corbett has a lot of resorts and hotels where you can crash in. But the best resorts in Jim Corbett provide more than just a room for you to stay in. Corbett the Baagh is one such resort that offers amazing amenities to its guests. The location of this 5-star resort in Corbett is just right for those who want to get away from the city life and spend a few days in the quiet hills, comfortably. 

There is a list of things you should be mindful of while looking for the best resort in Jim Corbett.

1.    Location should be accessible 
Everybody dreams of staying at a secluded location in the mountains but it should still be easy to reach. Your resort should be accessible so that you can travel there comfortably. Also, the area surrounding it should not be too noisy. Otherwise, the whole point of coming on vacation would be defeated.

2.    Amenities must be superior
Do not settle for just another resort for your vacation in Corbett. Even the top resorts in Corbett could turn out to be boring. However, Corbett the Baagh is a top-tier 5-star property in this location that offers splendid amenities and hospitality to its guests. The guestrooms are all equipped with basic and deluxe amenities, room service is available, you would get 24X7 support, and your queries would be resolved readily. 

3.    Activities to keep you entertained
What is a vacation without some fun? At Corbett the Baagh, you will find plenty of activities to keep you, your friends and your family entertained. From sports to games, to a relaxing spa, DJ nights, bonfires - you will get everything here. Indulge in the professional and relaxing spa therapies or go for a dine-in at their in-house restaurants. 

4.    Service should be flawless
This is one area where many resorts fail to please the customers. But at Corbett the Baagh, the staff takes the experience of their customers very seriously and does the best they can to keep their guests happy. When you’re going out for vacation and stopping at a 5-star property, the service should be flawless. 

5.    View should be breathtaking 
Going to Corbett and can’t enjoy the view? Tragic. Your resort should provide you with nothing less than dreamy views of nature. Corbett the Baagh is surrounded by beautiful creeks and rivers, and an amazing view of the misty mountains. When you come here, you will forget the stress from your daily busy life and truly enjoy being on vacation.

Is That All?
The criteria for the best resort in Corbett differs from person to person. But keeping the points mentioned above will lead you to the perfect destination for your vacation. Choose carefully, and trust the reviews of the customers before booking with any resort in Jim Corbett.