There are only 2 reasons why an organization must plan for a team outing:
1.       If it is doing well 
or else,
2.       If it can do better
In both cases, catching up with the team members’ thoughts, collating everyone’s ideas and realigning everyone to the organization’s vision is the sure-shot way to not just getting up there, but also staying over there.

Conferences in Corbett National Park

A conference is no conference if you didn’t travel for it. It has therefore been observed that the most creative ideas and corporate daredevilry comes out when one is on an ‘off-site’ event. When you look for an off-site destination, it is best to consider the following aspects:
1.       Ease of access
2.       Range of activities available
3.       Experience Quotient
4.       ROI

Conferences in Corbett National Park score heavily on all these aspects, simply because of its close proximity to Delhi NCR and its connectivity by Rail and Road to the other major cities and corporate hubs of the country. So is the proximity and the connectivity the only reasons that make Corbett such a popular conference and off-site destination?
Well, honestly no! It is the sense of arrival that is huge here. The greenery of the place gives a high of a different kind. The oxygen laden air works wonders with your body and soul. Every grey cell in you seems to come alive when you hit the jungles. And for good reason!


Once you enter the jungles, our primordial survival instincts kick in. After all, you are only coming back home! It is this adrenaline rush of the jungles that make us think and mostly out-think those who don’t come to a conference here in Corbett National Park!

Be it the 30-km long drive through dense forests that add a major sense of arrival, or the acres of vast expanses, or else the clear proximity and view of the Himalayan foothills. its customer-friendly services, a team outing to Corbett The Baagh is an unmatched experience!

Treks to the Himalayas, guided-tours to the dense forests, tips on jungle survival, etc. are just a few of the value-adds that make it an experience to remember for a lifetime.

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