Jim Corbett National Park

The thrill of venturing into the dense and delightful woods of Jim Corbett is unparallelled. A landscape that’s pretty as a picture, beautiful and lavish avi-fauna, thriving wildlife, and the rushing streams of the Kosi and Ramganga, everything about Jim Corbett spells charm. Looking for a breather in the lap of nature? A visit to the gorgeous timberland of the Jim Corbett National Park is soul-warming.

Well-known for dauntless adventure lovers and valiant wildlife enthusiasts, the primordial tiger reserve in the country is flocked by tourists of all kinds. Don’t you wish to sojourn in the tranquil woodlands of the marvelous Kumaon? Check out the best resorts in Corbett to nest away in pleasure.

Hotfooting through the wilderness is tedious. Take off the weariness and unwind in the opulence and comforts of fancy stays. 5 star hotels in Jim Corbett add spades of pleasure to your adventurous escapade. A favorite pick among tourists is certainly Resorts By The Baagh. Spanned across sprawling lands at the foothills of the Himalayan ridges, the bio-friendly resort redefines the essence of luxe and cozy retreats.

A breathtaking tiger trail in India

Tigers are the prized jewels of the terai plains of the Corbett National Park. Are you excited to catch a glimpse of the endangered Royal Bengal tigers? A safari through the dense forests of Corbett is a thrilling and heart-warming experience. Why just the big cat? The national park is home to a wide array of wildlife like elephants, leopards, sloth bears, barking deer, wild boars, the Indian antelope, also known as the Nilgai, langur, and more. Revel in the exciting experience and witness the picturesque landscapes, delightful valleys, and acres of lush grasslands.

Wondering if there’s more to Jim Corbett than the well-known tiger trail? Little did you know that a trip to the beautiful and deciduous forests of Corbett welcomes all to a world of fascinating adventure gigs and rejuvenating experiences. Let’s explore!

Activities and places to tour in the serene woodlands


How often do you get a chance to dwell in bliss under the starry skies and in the delightful lap of nature? Indulge in the pleasures of an exciting camping experience in the periphery of the forest. Of course, Jim Corbett National Park resorts are quite a few in number. However, the thrill of nesting in an open sanctum is matchless.


Do you love footslogging through the dense, moist, and enchanting forest floors? Trekking is undeniably a favorite of adventure lovers. Experience the abundance of flora and catch rare glimpses of wildlife on your way. Sounds riveting? Soak in the pleasures of the cicadas of insects, the sweet aroma of soil, and the cool, fresh air of nature.

A stimulating journey to the beautiful waterfall 

Have you heard of the Corbett waterfalls? A serene delight amidst a thick teakwood forest, the cascading waterfall is awe-inspiring. Enjoy a sublime retreat and bask in the goodness of nature. Do carry a bug repellant, though.


Did you know that 5 Star hotels in Jim Corbett are mostly sold out, especially in the chilly mountain winters? Curious to know why? Well, the deep woods and the steep ridges serve as a den for migratory birds, making the National Park a preferred haven for birdwatchers. More than 600 exquisite bird species can be spotted in the forest, like the very rare black-crowned night heron, hornbill, cattle egret, the great white pelican, ultramarine flycatcher, gray-headed fish eagle, forktails, wallcreepers, and many more. 

Do you fancy spotting the rare sight of beautiful migratory birds? The lush spaces around the Gairal forest house, the Bijrani zone, and the Haati Dangar stand out as the best birdwatching trails in Jim Corbett.

Adventure activities and brave water sports

Planning a fun getaway with friends to the dense woodlands of the Kumaon range? Safari and trekking are not the only nature activities to keep you riveted. Ample adventure sports like mountain biking, rappelling, rock climbing, ziplining, and body surfing are up for grabs to celebrate a fun holiday in high spirits. Besides, you may indulge in water rafting on the Kosi river. Although river adventures are mostly entertained during the monsoons as the water scale hikes, it is imperative to enquire about the safety norms. Rafting could get risky in monsoon weather. So, plan your adventure itinerary well.

Hop into the natural haven, tucked away in the scenic state of Uttarakhand. Make sure to reserve a fine stay at Resorts By The Baagh, one of the finest 5 star hotels in Jim Corbett, to luxuriate in a blissful retreat in the most tranquil setting.