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Are you planning a trip to the famous Jim Corbett tiger conservation soon? Well, it is a no-brainer that you are going to scout for the finest accommodations in the area. Reviewing hotels and resorts, as easy as it sounds, is actually complex. Besides, while searching for a cosy and luxury resort in Jim Corbett, you might also encounter a hotel star system. Of course, you have heard of 3-star resorts and 5-star resorts. However, do you really know what marks the difference between these star resorts? Let’s help you understand the differences first. 


Frankly, following a hotel star system can be puzzling. After all, there is no universal scoring system followed across various travel websites or locations. Well, this also means that properties can be listed with different stars across different websites. Hence, the reliability of the ratings is definitely a question mark. But, after careful research and deliberation, we have created a quick guide to discuss the differences between hotel stars. Now selecting your favourite luxury resort in Jim Corbett is easy. 


How are 3-star resorts and 5-star resorts different? 

Speaking of a luxury resort in Jim Corbett or anywhere across the world, nothing defines opulence and luxury better than 5-star resorts. Theoretically, the star defines a mélange of luxurious experiences and high-end accommodations. Also, 5-star resorts and hotels are known to offer glamorous hospitality and top-notch services. As a guest, you can always experience amenities and services like a designated concierge, round-the-clock room services, well-equipped gymnasiums, a luxury spa with trained masseuses, live entertainment, ornamental swimming pools, and more. 


Meanwhile, are you dubious about finding a 5-star resort in Jim Corbett? Wondering if premium and star properties are even present in the far-off wildlife destination? Well, your doubts are completely pointless. There are not one but quite a few luxury 5-star resorts in and around the marshy forests of Corbett. However, the one luxury resort in Jim Corbett that has been enticing tourists for quite some time now is Resorts By The Baagh. Why just Corbett? The 5-star resort offers luxury accommodations in the mystical valleys of Bhimtal too. 


Now, if 5-star resorts are all about luxury services, upscale accommodations, and world-class hospitality, what do 3-star resorts typically imply? It is no surprise that 3-star resorts are primarily mid-tier accommodations that highlight a good balance between amenities and affordability. Of course, offering the best comfort is at the core of hotel policies. So, do not worry, thinking that you might have to let go of the comforts of plush beds or a couch, flat-screen televisions, in-room facilities, Wi-Fi, gyms, and more. 


In short, a 3-star resort is a budget alternative for a lavish 5-star property. 


The amenities and benefits to expect in a 3-star resort

Are you looking to invest less in lodging and spend more exploring the scenic wildscapes of Jim Corbett? But are you also not happy to kiss goodbye to the amenities of elegant accommodations? Don’t worry! Narrowing down your options to 3-star resorts is definitely a great idea. Would you love to know about the standard amenities you can expect in a 3-star resort? Let’s read: 


  • Spacious rooms
  • A cosy couch, chair, or a work desk (subject to the property you choose)
  • Intercom facilities
  • A flat-screen television with cable
  • Wi-Fi
  • Toiletries
  • Fitness centre
  • Business centre (Depends on the resort you select)
  • Swimming pool. 


Therefore, if quality services, stylish and cosy rooms, and decent hospitality for mid-range costs are enough to tick off your checklist, a 3-star resort is a good fit. 


What are the amenities that make 5-star resorts a class apart choice? 

Architecture or state-of-the-art premium facilities, there are multiple factors that make 5-star resorts extravagant and worth the price. Let’s check out a few amenities that are exclusively available in a 5-star luxury resort in Jim Corbettlike Resorts By The Baagh. 


  • Elegant and aesthetically designed rooms
  • Customised linens and bathrobes
  • Rejuvenating spas with a trained masseuse and other beauty services 
  • In-house gourmet restaurants and bars
  • Designated zones for recreation
  • Top-of-the-line business centre
  • State-of-the-art gymnasiums
  • Steam rooms and saunas
  • An exorbitant swimming pool
  • Live entertainment and other recreational options
  • Grand and decorous banquets. 


Above all, the hospitality and services at a premium 5-star resort are what make an unparalleled statement. Moreover, staying at the luxurious Resorts By The Baagh is a glamorous experience. Enjoy lounging in chic and upbeat accommodations that offer the best in standard comfort and relaxation. Thus, make the most of king-size living at Resorts By The Baagh.