best resorts in Jim Corbett

Are you gearing up for the summer vacation in Jim Corbett? All set for some adventure in the jungle? If so, you must be looking for the best resorts in Jim Corbett to spend your vacation at. Since Jim Corbett is a popular location, there are hundreds of resorts that each provide a unique experience. 

But what if you were to stay at a jungle resort located deep inside the jungle? At Corbett the Baagh, this is the exact experience you would get. And we agree, it sounds crazy but it would be adventurous, fun, and 100% luxurious. 

Corbett the Baagh is a 5-star luxury resort and spa located 28 kilometers inside the Sitabani jungle. This property believes in giving its guests an unforgettable experience. Moreover, Corbett, the Baagh is an award-winning accommodation, known for providing luxury amenities. It has everything that the best resort in Corbett should have. But what are the parameters that make a resort worth it? Keep reading this blog to know. 

What to Look for in the Best Resort in Jim Corbett

Before you go ahead and confirm your booking for a luxury resort in Jim Corbett, I will tell you about how to shortlist a resort for a comfortable vacation, based on the following parameters -  

Relax in the Soothing Environment 

You’re vacationing to get a break from the regular stressful and loud environment of the cities, right? At Jim Corbett, you will find pollution-free freshness in the air and a stress-free environment to relax in. Getaway to a luxury resort-like Corbett the Baagh to rejuvenate your senses and breathe in the freshness of nature. You will also get to witness the amazing sunset and sunrise views from the property itself. 

Experience Home-Like Comfort & 5-Star Hospitality  

The first thing to look for is the condition of the property. It will tell you a lot about the experience you may get there. Those initial red flags can help you escape much trouble later. The next thing to look for are the amenities. Discuss with the hotel manager in detail the amenities provided at the resort. Your rooms should be comfortable, with adequate bedding, Wi-Fi, chairs, and even a desk. But it is not just your rooms that should be fit with the best of amenities but the entire resort itself. Enquire about the facilities provided there before you book a place. At Corbett the Baagh, you will experience home-like comfort but with premium hospitality. 

Accessibility to the Location

When you are on vacation and paying for your stay, there’s nothing that you should compromise on. It isn’t important to say that the view should be great from where you are staying. In the rooms at Corbett the Baagh, you will see windows and doors opening up to breathtaking views of the jungle. You will feel one with nature, and connected to the earth like never before. Not to mention the peace and freshness would be so worth it. Also, this resort is in close proximity to the Dhikala Zone in Corbett. This means that you can easily go to many nearby tourist spots from here. 

Things to Do

Why settle for a boring vacation when you can have a fabulous one instead? The place where you’re staying on vacation should have the facilities for some necessary entertainment. It is quite obvious that you won’t be roaming around 24x7 outside your accommodation. Therefore, you should choose a resort with entertainment facilities. Corbett the Baagh offers sports infrastructure for both outdoor sports like cricket, football, badminton, and indoor family games like carrom, chess, and tombola. You can also participate in or witness organic farming in the resort. For families who are on vacation with kids, these simple entertainment facilities will keep them busy. You can also enjoy the musical nights and bonfires here. 

Bonus: Adventure Package

When you book your accommodation at Corbett the Baagh, you can add an adventure package with your booking. An experienced guide will take you on a jungle safari in a jeep or on elephants! You can even go birdwatching, sightseeing, jungle trek, jungle safari, and hiking with them. At Corbett the Baagh, you will get a wholesome, all-inclusive experience at the best prices. 

Make Your Bookings!

What are you waiting for? Make your booking in the best resort in Jim Corbett that you will not be able to get over from. The memories you make in this beautiful location with your loved ones will stay with you to cherish forever. Get ready for a once-in-a-lifetime kind of adventure in Jim Corbett and indulge yourself in the luxury of this 5-star resort and spa.