Corbett The Baagh
Lap Of Nature

In The Lap Of Nature

Adorned with misty hills filled with lush green trees & shrubs along with plantations that occupy a this hilly terrain, the eye scenery it offers attract thousands of peace- seeking travellers from around the globe.

Birds Watching

Birding is the opposite of being at the movies—you’re outside, not sitting in a windowless box; you’re stalking wild animals, not looking at pictures of them. You’re dependent on weather, geography, time of day—if you miss the prothonotary warbler, there isn’t a midnight showing. 

Birds Watching
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These are some of the scenes which await you as you embark on a jungle safari enroute to your dream resort in foothills of Himalayas. This is a safari unlike any other, full of surprises and thrills. It’s nothing short of a privilege to see nature’s inhabitants in their natural habitat, displaying raw emotions.

Mountain View

For the best of leisure and adventure or simply to relax, enjoying stunning views of the himalyas as backdrop, head for Corbett The Baagh. Trek through the mountains, walk through the unique terrain, taste kumani food & observe their rich culture

Mountain View