Relive your childhood memories with Corbett The Baagh.

Catch-up with the recreational activities like Badminton, Tambola, Carrom and more.

Let the child you stay alive, as you grow up in life!


Enhance your skills and improve those reflexes. It is a game that everyone loves to play and will keep you entertained.
The court and the equipment’s are ready, just get yourself ready for the game.
P.s don’t forget to wear comfortable shoes.

Table Tennis

When boredom strikes, this is a very fun game and easy game to play. It’s not as difficult as it seems and no one here is a champ.
The game also helps you improve your hand and eye coordination.


Cricket is a bat and ball game that every kid or adult has played at least once in life. It is a sport that everyone was born to play in their childhood. Relive your childhood memories and enjoy this amazing sport with us.


Explore Jim Corbett National Park all day and retreat yourself with our most spacious suite. The two-bedroom suite is very spacious covering an area of 850sq ft.


We all have had a carrom board at home, the memories attached to it are priceless. What fun it would be to relive those memories and play a game of carrom just like old times. The race to win the queen is something we shouldn’t forget and get the game started.


Turn your lazy afternoon into a happening one with a beautiful game of Chess. Challenge some friend or bond with your family with this mind and strategical game.


All the family functions, kitty parties or basic family gathering are incomplete without a game of Tambola. The excitement of winning is incomparable, and the entertainment is at par. From kids to adults to elders, everyone can enjoy this game.