Inhouse Activities

inhouse activities


The resort has 2 badminton courts equipped with nets, rackets, and shuttlecocks. It makes adequate arrangements for friendly badminton matches among the guests. It is a good way to revive childhood memories and engage in friendly banters. Enjoying a match of badminton under the flood lights of the resort in the serene environment is very memorable.

Table Tennis

There are two world class table tennis boards of top brand available for the sports enthusiasts. The resort makes arrangements for table tennis bat and ball for its guests. The room is well ventilated and adequately lighted for the comfort of the players. The room is spacious enough for the movement of the players.

inhouse activities
inhouse activities


A day is not complete without a game of cricket. The resort has a big ground with a 22-yard pitch. Bat and ball are available at the resort. However, as a safety measure, only tennis balls are allowed. The ground has shady trees for the benefit of the spectators.


At one end of the large ground is a well-maintained volleyball court. It is a very popular sport among the guests. If incase the team falls short of players, the resort staff are more than happy to spare themselves. It is ideal for friends on a holiday.

inhouse activities
inhouse activities


There are separate carrom boards for children and adults. It is a wonderful indoor game for family bonding and comradeship. There is option for playing the game while sitting on the comfortable chairs or making oneself agile and playing it on the stands.


It is a great board game to increase mental prowess. The resort has instructions on how to play the game for the first-time players which really helps the children. There is a magnetic chess board for the children which really attracts them. The ambience of the chess room is warm and convivial for deep thinking.

inhouse activities
inhouse activities


One of the most popular game, Tambola is played on every evening. The excitement and enthusiasm of the guests are seen to be believed. The resort makes arrangement for small mementos to be given as prizes to the winners. It generates a lot of fun and happy times among the guests.

Complimentary Activities In The Resort

Swimming Pool, Children’s Play Area, Pool Table, Nature Walks, Birding Tours, Hiking, Village Walks, Basket Ball, Foot Ball, Ludo, Karaoke, Bon Fire, Live Music, Guitarist, Wildlife Movies, Organic Farming

Other Activities: Souvenir Shop, Spa Therapies & Jungle Safari