Jungle Safari

The Safari Experience

The USP of a visit to Corbett, The Baagh resort is its exquisite jungle safari which is a thrilling options to explore natural habitat fauna of the jungle via open jeep. The smell of the crisp air of the forest fills the senses with an overwhelming feeling of excitement and joy. The resort arranges guided jungle safaris for its guests to observe nature in its most pristine manner. The thrill of sighting wild cats like jungle cat and leopard cat and other wild animals in an open jeep is sure to send one in a tizzy.

The resort takes every possible safety measure to make the experience a thrilling adventure. The sal covered forest is the perfect place to spot Sambar deer, hog deer, Himalayan black bears, Indian grey mongoose which are some of the commonly sighted animals. One a lucky day, one can spot the lions, the king of the jungle as they laze under the sun or roam about majestically in the wild.

The Corbett National Park houses some of the most unique local and migratory birds like Little Green Heron, Crested Hawk Eagle, Kestrel, common Peafowl etc. It is really enthralling to observe so many diverse species co-existing in the wild. When not spotting any wildlife, one can enjoy the alluring view of the mountains and the scenic beauty. One has the choice of either an early morning mist covered safari or an evening safari to end the day. This exciting activity can be enjoyed all through the year except the wet monsoon.

The average cost for Safari’s ranges between Rs. 6500 - 7000 + GST.