Sometimes, a break from your daily routine is everything that you need. It is said that being surrounded by Nature have a positive effect on your mind and has a lot of Health Benefits as well.

If you are bird lover then a walk into the woods will be nothing less than a heaven for you with over 700 species of Birds, local as well as Migratory. The birds that are frequently spotted near the Resorts in Ramnagar are Siberian Crane, Dove, Babbler, Kingfisher, Great Hornbill and more.

But, if you lucky enough you might even get to see a glimpse of white stork, woodpecker, black-headed night heron, white pelican, cinnamon Bittern and many more.

Take a stroll in the forest around the Jim Corbett National Park Resorts and explore the hidden secrets of the jungle, click some beautiful pictures and get yours clicked as well. The Shivalik Hills and the Beautiful Sitabani Forest can be the perfect backdrop for your pictures.

It is also said that a few minutes’ walk or a run through the woodland can have an effective result on people suffering from depression and anxiety.

Don’t forget to wear light colour clothes, comfortable shoes and carry a pair of binoculars.