You’re only one swim away from a good mood, don’t be afraid to jump in!

An outdoor ornate pool which is filled with purified underground spring water overlooking the majestic Himalayan peaks awaits you. Take a dip into the water and wash away all your worries and just relax!

It is a 4.5 ft. deep pool where diving isn’t allowed. Enjoy a game of water polo with your friends and family or click some amazing pictures with the perfect backdrop.

At one of the top Resort in Corbett we also provide you with an exclusive Rain Shower Arena and a baby pool attached to the main pool so that the little kids can also play and enjoy with guests of the same age group.

The pool has a large deck area which makes an ideal place for sunbathing.

Right next to the pool is the Grill Kitchen – Angara, have a few drinks and savour some delectable snacks while soaking in the Vitamin D at one of the Best Resort in Jim Corbett.

In close proximity to our pool is our Spa – Artha, you can also enjoy a session of relaxing spa, sauna or steam bath after taking a dip into the pool.