Trekking is an Amazing experience for all the adventure seekers and nature lovers, accompanied by an expert Naturalists to Amtouli village a few kms from Corbett The Baagh is the most sought-after activity.

The captivating surroundings of a serene forest with the chirping sounds of the birds make the trek very tranquil to mind and the sounds of wild Animals growling or giving an alarm call makes it an adventurous activity as well. Revive your body, mind and soul with a morning Jungle Trek and feel the enthralling effect of raw Nature.

Discover the forests and wildlife on foot, tour your way through the dense forest.

Spending time in forest is also beneficial in many ways, it has a positive effect on both physical and mental health. It involves spending time in nature, among trees to reap the Healthy Benefits.

Sitabani Forest is an ideal place for trekking where you might spot animals like Elephants, Tiger, Deer, Monkeys and more. Things to keep in mind while trekking in winters is to wear comfortable clothes and shoes and avoid wearing bright colours, try wearing colours that would match your surroundings. Come Visit Jim Corbett National Park Resorts, trekking awaits you here.